Purchase Solar Panels

Purchase solar panels for your home, to take advantage of the full range of this exciting renewable energy resource. Solar panels also known as solar photovoltaics PV Panels capture the suns energy using photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic cells do not need the direct sunlight in order to work, even on a cloudy day solar panels will still absorb sunlight in order to generate into electricity. When purchasing solar panels you may wish to consider whether you wish to also purchase a battery pack. If you decide to purchase a battery pack with your solar panels, then your solar panels can charge the battery during the day and you can use the stored power during the night hours to power your home, when the sun goes down. Alternatively you could choose to purchase solar panels and still be connected to the grid, at night you can simply purchase electricity from the grid as you do now. By maintaining a connection to the grid you are safe guarding yourself in case your solar panels do not generate enough electricity during the day, especially in the winter months when there is less daylight hours. There is also the storage issue when it comes to batterys, where would you store your battery pack, they are space consuming.

The initial cost of solar panels and their accessories can be expensive, it does depend on the size of your roof and your household consumption as to which solar panels are best for you. Although rough figures state that solar panels and their installation can cost anywhere between £3,000 - £7,000. Therefore it is a good idea to ask a solar panel expert to assess your solar energy requirements before you purchase solar panels. Surveys are usually free, a solar power expert will visit your home to discuss your renewable energy needs, measure the roof space and assess the quality of your roof to ensure it will sustain a solar panel installation. Your solar power expert can also discuss the options when it comes to purchasing solar panel battery packs and of course solar panel maintenance. A solar power technical survey is often free simply click on one our sponsors on this page to book your FREE SOLAR PANEL SURVEY - There is no obligation to go with the renewable energy copany for the installation, once you have all the professionals recommendations you can choose to install your own solar panels once you have purchased your solar panels or you can compare prices elsewhere and go for the best deal for you.

When purchasing solar panels

When purchasing solar panels you should consider the following points to ensure you get the best solar panels that suit you and your home.

  • Planning Permission - Contact your local council to check if you need planning permission for your solar panels. In many domestic cases planning permission is not required, although if you live in a listed building this may be different. It is always good to just double check before going any further.
  • Roof Location - Ideally your roof will be south facing and have little shade, this will gnerate the most electricity from your panels.
  • Home Location - The South West gets the most sun in the UK with the North having less sunlight, you may wish to look into this further before purchasing your solar panels.
  • Size - The size of the solar panels you require will depend on your roof space, it is recommended to arrange a solar power survey before purchasing your solar panels.